Professional installation of kitchen

Professional installation of kitchen furniture


What should be done by a professional assembly team during the installation of kitchen furniture.
Unpacking purchased by the customer and kitchen furniture cabinets through examination with the client. (often a task you do business in person before the visit of the team assembly).
The suspension of the upper cabinets on strips and set the lower cabinets.
Leveling, twisted together cabinets, mounting internal components (drawers, baskets, etc.).
The rear tops on cabinets,worktops make cut-outs on the specifics of the kitchen cabinetry shapes.
Cut-out holes for the hob, sink, battery, and their professional fit.
Mounting in furniture ordered refrigerator, oven, hob,extractors,tap,dishwasher,fridge,freezer,washing machine,etc.
Cutouts in the rear walls of cabinets, allowing access to the connections of water, sewage and electrical outlets in accordance with the wishes of the client.
Connection of electrical devices with plug connection factory to the finished installation. (dishwasher, fridge, cooker, extractor).
Connecting devices for hydraulic and gas installations, ready for connection, only if the equipment is covered by a contract. Additionally, you should invite the person with authority to receive gas appliances.
Mount lighting, baseboards, skirting boards, masking and rails and other accessories that are filling equipment cabinets or building.
Adjust hinges and fittings.
Check the installation.
Cleaning up after installation.
The decision as to what to do with the furniture and packaging equipment, remains the responsibility of the customer, because their removal skater with a cost.

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